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How We
Can Help

Beans and Rice wants to change how you locate the resources you need to find, secure, and hold a job that you want.  Instead of trying to track down a lot of different agencies and having to fill all of your information out multiple times, you can come to Beans and Rice.  Our staff and volunteers will help you:



Determine your needs

Determine the programs and resources you might need and where you can find them



Identify Programs

Identify programs or services offered by Beans and Rice that fit your goal requirements



Address any Barriers

Address barriers to consistent job attendance and stability then work toward solutions


Let Us Help

Plan of Action

While we will work to help anyone seeking rewarding employment, our focus will be on those who are new to the job market or have been out for a while.  Some the service we are planning to offer here at Beans and Rice are related to application assistance, trainings on resume and cover letter writing, and interview skills with mock interviews.


“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

We believe that we are only successful when those we partner with are successful.  Whether that is completing youth service hours, starting a new business, feeding your family, or landing the job you want. Individuals succeeding help create space for more people to be successful.